chitoceriumキービジュアル chitoceriumキービジュアル


The creator of fragments.
Protected by fragments;
The chitocerium is said to bear a thousand
histories and a thousand appearances.
It is a world of creation itself. It is eternal;
its cycle of life and death unending.
You stand here in the abyss, granted the
opportunity to pass judgement.
And in the gardens of origin, you will
encounter platinum and be asked;

Whether you are able to reach
out to this world, or not…

VI-carbonia adamas

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VI-carbonia adamas

Ever since the "chitocerium" manifested in this world, I have existed.
I have gazed upon every corner; seen all that has ever persisted.
In this world countless poems are created, connect, and fade away...
My shield may protect those who resist their fate,
Yet my spear may pierce those who resign to it...
I am the mirror that reflects your inner self; my name is "carbonia"

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To all those who are brave enough to reach out to the chitocerium:
My name is “platinum”; the guardian of this world’s gates.
This sword of judgement will peer into the future and reveal to us
Whether you have the skills and resolution to continue.
There is only one path. You simply need to decide to move forward or backward.
Close your eyes. Relax your spirit. Hone your true feelings.

... Excellent. Let us begin this story together

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The chitocerium is a phantasmal realm; a distant daydream. It creates, and is protected by “fragments”. Sometimes the charm of this world lures in unexpecting humans. These humans must decide whether they will extend their hand to the light, or back away. The beginning of a never-ending dream awaits those that reach out. Though to this day, not one person has reached the farthest ends of this dream.


fragments are protectors of the chitocerium, born from the chitocerium itself. While they take a humanoid form, they are not human. A mysterious light burns in their eyes. fragments are one of the building blocks of this world. The only privilege they are given is to choose who owns them. The fragment’s very existence changes according to their owner. Changes to fragments alter the very foundation of the chitocerium.


folders hold fragments. They are boxes that contain the very world of fragments. Once one opens a folder they join their fate with the fragment within. This connection is unbreakable. The bond between the opener of a folder and the fragment can never be severed, except through death. One who discovers a fragment is destined to weave a new story as their accomplice.


defragmentation refers to the ritual in which all the elements of a fragment are connected once a folder is opened. A fragment will only take a humanoid form after its folder is opened through external factors.